Itoshima Passion Fruit La Puni

Surrounded by rice fields and with a wonderful view of Itoshima’s Kofuji (Little Mt. Fuji), Saho Miyamoto serves up over twenty tasty, fresh fruit drinks and smoothies. Her passion, pardon the pun, is passion fruit, which her relatives grow nearby. Available all year round, but fresh off the tree during summer. Try the tangy Passion Fruit Smoothie (¥580) made with your choice of regular yogurt or soy milk yogurt. Take-home fresh fruit and veggies are available sometimes.
*Temporarily closed from July 1, 2020. Official online shop sells organic rice flour and fruit from Itoshima. Check Instagram for their latest information.

Itoshima Passion Fruit La Puni
Address : 204-6 Tomari, Itoshima City, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 10:00~18:00
Close : Wed., weekdays in Jan. & Feb.
Food & Drink
Published: Oct 27, 2020 / Last Updated: Oct 27, 2020