Natty Dread – Itoshima Jerk Chicken Joint Reopens

Good news for jerk chicken and burger fans, Natty Dread, is back! First opened in 2000, Natty has evolved much in two decades, but it retains a solid indie vibe and still serves some of the most authentic jerk chicken around. The burgers are legendary too. Katsura-san (owner) took several months off when the pandemic hit but re-opened in March, 2021. The converted container’s interior is now about fifty percent larger, and the outdoor deck has been enlarged and made sturdier. Fortunately, it remains rough around the edges and colorful with the creative use of upcycled sea glass, driftwood, and tires. There’s even a small gift shop table with handmade accessories made by his wife. In addition to the jerk chicken and burgers of the past, he’s added a Rice & Peas Jamaican Lunch Plate for ¥1,000. It’s a voluminous plate with jerk chicken, rice & peas, fried potatoes, coleslaw, broccoli, and fresh pineapple. Add a dash of his original hot sauce and order a draft beer of Java tea, close your eyes, let the reggae beat sink in and your virtual Jamaican holiday begins. Located on a quiet cove with a sandy swimming beach, it’s hard to imagine a better lunch and getaway.

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Natty Dread
Address : 2708-17 Shimanogita, Itoshima City, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:30 ~ 15:30
Close : Wed. *Open times and closed days are subject to change.
Food & Drink
Published: Apr 9, 2021 / Last Updated: Apr 29, 2021

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