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Fourteen New Yatai Licenses Available in Fukuoka

On Dec. 5 a meeting of Fukuoka City’s Yatai Selection Committee was held. The processes, terms, and conditions for the next round of yatai (mobile food stall) licensing was discussed. Fourteen vacancies in the areas of Tenjin, Nagahama, and Nakasu (due to the closure of yatai selected in 2016) are to be filled. For the Nagahama area only, two or three owners will be allowed to apply as a group. Also this time a written test will be added to the application process to assure understanding of compliance better. Would-be owners will also be given an opportunity to experience the setup of a yatai on a trial basis to provide them with a better understanding of inherent challenges. The application process is planned to begin at the end of this December and run until the end of January 2019.

Fukuoka City
Published: Dec 6, 2018 / Last Updated: Dec 6, 2018