If you’re looking for some unconventional nightlife in Fukuoka, then you could do worse than check out the Haruyoshi area. Start at Haruyoshi Bridge, which connects Tenjin and Nakasu. From there, on the Nakasu side, you can see yatai street stalls lining the banks of the Nakagawa River with the neon lights of Canal City lit-up in the background. Opposite, on the Haruyoshi side, are a row of buildings illuminated with flashing lights and a huge TV screen.

Combined with the curious giant drink bottle fixed to the roof of well-known sushi restaurant, Takatama, the area seems almost like a theme park. Head down the road alongside pachinko parlor Tamaya and you’ll be greeted by the Hotel Il Palazzo, designed by famous architect Aldo Rossi. Further down the road is the chic black 5th Hotel, which is split into East and West buildings. The ground floor of the East building contains the sophisticated bar and restaurant Mitsubachi. Overlooking the river, it’s a great place for a luxurious dinner.

Haruyoshi isn’t all about the riverside, though – the area escaped harm during the air-raids on Fukuoka in World War II, which means its Edo-era layout of narrow crisscrossing alleyways has been preserved. Enter into these maze-like streets to see a different side of Haruyoshi, with small bars and restaurants tucked away here and there amongst the houses and apartment buildings. These streets are home to a varied clientele. For example, Manu Coffee crawls with young people, while renowned Japanese restaurant Tarafukumanma attracts discerning gourmet lovers, and high-class Korean restaurant Tamura is popular with businessmen looking to impress important clients. There are many other unique restaurants to be found, so you’re sure to stumble upon somewhere interesting every time you visit.


dai-tu cafe

Opened in March 2011, this café attracts a broad clientele, from families to couples. The stylish concrete interior includes a DJ booth. Check out their blog or follow their twitter for all the latest info.
Tel: 092-724-5105
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Izakaya Bonchan

Look out for the caricature of a middle-aged guy with glasses – he’s the owner! 200 varieties of sake are on offer, starting at a very reasonable ¥500, or just ¥1,050 for a set of five. Great curry (¥840) too!
Tel: 092-716-3932
Web Site

Chopper Tooth

A semi-custom jeans shop next to Haruyoshi Park. Choose the size, silhouette, stitch color, and patches, and owner Mr. Maeda will hand-stitch your jeans in about 3 weeks. Prices start at ¥23,000, rising to ¥50,000 for full custom.
Tel: 090-7469-5645



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Takoyaki Big Up!

Motsuyaki Shirotaya

Dokusyaku Shizuku

Kaminari Gyoza


Park Boff Fukuoka

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn153, Sep. 2011)

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Published: Jan 19, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016