Nokonoshima Island

Nokonoshima Island may be just 10 minutes by ferry from Meinohama, but the tranquil atmosphere feels like another world. Only 12km in circumference, the island is easy to walk around and is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Walk to the right from the ferry landing and you can see the skyscrapers lined up in Momochi across the water, while a natural sightseeing path on the west side of the island gives great views of Genkaijima Island and Itoshima Peninsula.

Nokonoshima is famous for its seasonal flowers. Check out Nokonoshima Island Park on the north side of the island, where, in spring, the bank facing the sea turns yellow with blooming nanohana (rape blossoms). The start of April sees the cherry blossoms also reach full bloom, and the park will be lit up beautifully in the evenings of the 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th. Fishing has long been a mainstay of life on the island and the guest-houses and eateries clustered near the ferry landing offer an array of fresh seafood. We recommend Noko Kamome’s kamomedon, a bowl of rice topped with generous helpings of raw white-meat fish and squid, all covered in a delicious sesame sauce.

Nokonoshima Camp Ground offers a range of activities and facilities and is open from May to September. You can make reservations from April 1st, (it’s a popular spot, so be sure to book early if you want to stay on a weekend). Next to the ferry landing, Nokono market houses the tourist information center and also has a great selection of local produce and souvenirs. Nokonoshima cider and Noko udon are popular, and the island-grown citrus fruits and vegetables are both fresher and cheaper than those in the city.

From March, a water-bus service will be running from Tenjin Central Park (¥1,300 each way, 3 round trips per day) bringing Noko closer than ever before!

●Nishitetsu Bus #300, 301, 302 or 304 from Tenjin North to Noko Ferry Port (25mins, ¥360). Ferry (10 mins, ¥220) or water-taxi (5 mins, ¥500) from Meinohama Ferry Port.
●Water-bus from Fukuhaku Deai Bridge in Tenjin Central Park. (30 mins, ¥1,300., weekends and public holidays only.).

Nokonoshima Tourism Association
Tel: 092-881-2494
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Nokonoshima Island Park
Tel: 092-881-2494
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Nokonoshima Camp Ground
Tel: 092-881-0948
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Noko Kamome
Tel: 092-881-2787

Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn148, Apr. 2011)


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