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Fukuoka Now Internship Report 2017

Jasmin Bethke (Germany) reports on her three month internship at Fukuoka Now, including TV appearances, restaurant reports and interviewing monks. Read on to hear how she got on, and for information on how you too can undertake an internship at Fukuoka Now.

Relaxing in a sento (public bath)

After graduating from my bachelors degree in Germany, I decided I wanted to do an internship in Fukuoka (my favourite Japanese city and family’s hometown) before continuing with my Masters studies. As I am interested in media, tourism and translating, I wanted to do an internship in a company that operates in these areas, and Fukuoka Now fit the bill perfectly.

Would you like to join Fukuoka Now as an intern? If so, please follow this link to our internship application form.

The Fukuoka Now Office

From October 2016 to January 2017, I spent three months interning at Fukuoka Now. My main tasks included writing articles and then translating them from Japanese into English or vice versa. Once finished, I published the articles to the Fukuoka Now website and then to social media. I had the chance to join several reports for the magazine which took place in restaurants, bars, shrines, and other place related to each month’s issue. On the reports, I took photos and made notes of any interviews. These were then used as the basis for articles.

On the TV set with Nishinippon TV

My favourite experience during the internship was a day working on a project with Nishinippon TV, where I had the chance to interview foreigners and act as an interpreter at a giant koi carp auction. Many people from foreign countries, from businessmen to koi fans, came to buy the famous fish. My task was to join the TV crew and pick out foreigners who looked interested in koi or had just bought one. I then interviewed them and asked questions about their impressions, feelings and opinions of the auction. This project related to my dream job of becoming a translator and meant I could practice my skills as an interpreter, a valuable exercise for me.

Learning to pray at Gokoku Jinja Shrine

Another favorite moment at Fukuoka Now was creating the Hatsumode guide. Here we visited Gokoku Jinja Shrine near Ohori Park and shot a video on how to pray correctly at a Japanese shrine. We interviewed a priest and learned about shrine etiquette.

All in all I enjoyed my time at Fukuoka Now, particularly joining reports as it gave me a chance to see Fukuoka and meet new and interesting people!

Would you like to join Fukuoka Now as an intern? If so, please follow this link to our internship application form.

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Published: Jan 17, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

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