Creative Community 2014

START: Nov 8, 2014 END: Nov 8, 2014

Fukuoka Now X JR Hakata City Creative Community
Nov. 8, (Sat.) 18:30~late @ JR Kyushu Hall
Door: ¥1,500,
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Creative Community

A celebratory showcase of Fukuoka’s International Creative Community
Meet and see the art of our seven selected artists. Each artist will have a display and also selections from their portfolio projected onto a huge screen. See their images, share ideas and exchange opinions. Become inspired!

The Artists

Antoinette Gupton アントワネイット・ガプトン
American (Illustration and painting)


Antoinette Gupton is an American illustrator and painter currently working as an English teacher in Japan. She has also taught English and exhibited art work in South Korea. From the age of eight, Gupton’s art has been inspired by her intense dreams and dark nightmares. She describes her most recent art works as ‘stories in themselves’, highly personal yet open to the different interpretations of each onlooker. She writes, “I prefer the viewer to tell their own tale with my image at its heart’. Gupton’s works are entirely unplanned. Without studies or sketches, she allows her ‘stories’ to unfold as they will, and retains her original pencil lines such that viewers are able to see how each work was created. She has just one constant; each piece always begins with the eyes.

Bill Long ビル・ロング
American (Oil painting, animation, music) / Website


Bill Long is an American artist with a background in music and animation. His oil paintings serve as both backgrounds and the inspiration for his animated characters. As a child, Long’s first paintings were of imaginary worlds. Today, imaginary places continue to be the foundation of his art. The soundtracks which accompany his visual art are written and recorded by Long himself. His past work includes songwriting, designing and directing for TV stations such as Nickelodeon and MTV Animation. Long’s newest animations carry an environmental message. Through his art, he hopes to inspire viewers to protect the natural world in all its beauty. Now living and raising a family in Japan, Long has found great pleasure in exploring the country.

Paul Matthews ポール・マシューズ
British (Illustration, surrealism, portraiture) / Website


Paul Matthews is a British artist and teacher living in Fukuoka. He balances his art and teaching with raising a young son, and studying for an MA in teaching English (TESOL). Matthews’ art works begin as hand-drawn doodles which he then digitally redraws using Photoshop. This method allows easy adjustments to color and texture, which are vital to Matthews’ work. Many of his art works are formed by first drawing a person, then creating imaginative people to coexist with them. As a vast city bustling with people, Matthews finds Fukuoka an abundant source of inspiration. There is a light humor in Matthews’ art, intended to offer enjoyment to his viewers and capture their imaginations. He hopes that a few may even be inspired to start doodling.

Lucy May Schofield ルーシー・メイ・スコフィールド
British (Prints, archives, collections, documents) / Website


British artist Lucy May Schofield began creating art from an early age, inspired by her artistic grandparents who worked as a silversmith and an embroiderer. She finds inspiration for her art in a vast array of places, from everyday misunderstandings to Japanese light, from the season of autumn to the process of wood block printing. Her art explores ‘the histories we create for ourselves in order to make sense of the world around us and our space within it’. Schofield is also the curator of the Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library and has worked as Artist in Residence for the V&A Museum of Childhood. Over past year, Schofield has been living in Japan, learning about Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) and local craft techniques.

Martine Strøm Thomassen マーティン・ストローム・トマッセン
Norwegian (Oil painting, naturalistic and abstract) / Website


Martine Strøm Thomassen grew up in the mountains of Norway, spending her time drawing and painting in her mother’s workshop. The Nordic landscapes and wildlife have greatly influenced her work, especially the mountains in Gaustablikk and areas within the Arctic Circle. Having lived for five years in Australia, her latest work also takes inspiration from the Aboriginal dot-technique. She now studies Japanese culture through its traditional arts. Thomassen’s art attempts to express the beauty and diversity of each continent through its flora and fauna. She describes her art as a combination of naturalistic and abstract styles, creating a fairytale effect intended to bring viewers feelings of peace and harmony. Her work embraces Brent Smith’s famous words: ‘Don’t be delicate. Be vast and brilliant’. Look for the gold paint on the outside of her canvasses; that’s a trademark of hers.
Facebook: MS Thomassen / Instagram: @ms_thomassen

Arnaud Tuduri アルノ・ツヅリ
French (Polar panorama photography) / Website


Arnaud Tuduri is a French artist and graphic designer. He has a long-standing passion for travelling, and first began using photography to record and enhance the sights he visited. The origins of Tuduri’s work lie in HDR photography, which involves creating numerous multi-exposure shots, then merging the images to obtain a ‘contrasted’, unrealistic result. For the past few years, Tuduri has created Polar Panoramas. He combines a variety of techniques to create his ‘planet’ images, many of which feature Japanese scenes. In France, Tuduri has published a book containing hundreds of his photos featuring temples, cities and people across Japan, entitled ‘un oeil sur le japon’, which literally translates as ‘an eye over Japan’. If Tuduri’s work carries a message, it is an invitation to travel.

World Food
Since we’re showcasing some of Fukuoka’s most interesting visual artists we wanted to keep the food and drinks international too. We’re proud to also include some of Fukuoka’s best ethnic restaurants, so come hungry!

Russian Restaurant Nina / Russian
Run by Russian husband and wife team Sergey and Nina, Russian Restaurant Nina prides itself in its ‘no-nonsense home cooking’. Its interior combines Russian handicrafts with photos of its most famous customers, including Hawks baseball player Nobuhiko Matsunaka and singer Tokiko Kato. Russian Restaurant Nina is particularly famed for its Siberian-style Borscht Soup and Georgian wine. At this event, they will be serving Borscht and Vodka!


3F Ragazza Daimyo, 1-10-16 Daimyo, Chuo-ku. Tel: 092-714-0215

Elborracho Cantina / Mexican
Dissatisfied with the lack of Mexican-style restaurants in Fukuoka, Sugiyama-san travelled to Mexico City in order to master their authentic cuisine. Now back in Japan, he runs many shops and restaurants, including the stunningly decorative ‘Cantina Elborracho’ in JR Hakata City. At this event, they will be serving Chicken Tacos, Salsa & Chips, Handmade Chorizo and Deshebrado.


Raan Gan Een / Thai
Run by the charismatic Gan-san and his wife Yuka, this Thai restaurant prides itself in the authenticity of its food. The menu even includes dishes from Gan’s own childhood, and the interior of the restaurant is decorated with objects collected by the couple over their years together. At this event, they will be serving Green Curry, Thai Fried Chicken Wings and Shrimp Chips.


Wine Style Budo no Ki / Japanese
A splendid view of the city is guaranteed here, but the real reason you want to visit there is for the tasty buffet which offers an ever changing selection including many veggie dishes. Tapas and grilled food can be ordered a la carte too. Wines are another strong point here. Enjoy from a selection of reasonably priced and eel matching bottles, or by the glass. At this event, they will be serving Arabiki sausage, fruity flavoured kara-age, and fried potatoes.


Kebab Bar Ampoules / Kebab
Ampoules is sister shop of Guru Guru Kebab, one of the Fukuoka’s first take-out kebab shops. Their counter bar is one of the longest in the city, and their staff are well-known for their warmth and friendliness. At this event, they will be offering their famous and flavorful kebabs!



All Star World Bartenders!
Limited one-hour shifts by Fukuoka’s best foreign bartenders! Try their signature drinks!

The Echopolitan, by Caesar & Peter from Echo
Fresh lime, fresh blueberry purée, vodka, cranberry juice, cointreau, elderflower cordial
“The Echopolitan, prepared exclusively at Echo and in the Echo colors, is a play of the Cosmos.This version features fresh blueberry, lemon, and lime juice finished with an elderflower cordial.”


Fubar Rum Runner, by Jody Archer from Fubar
Banana liqueur, malibu coconut rum, captain morgans spiced rum, myers dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine and blue curaçao
“Looking forward to seeing all the Fubar regulars and meeting some new people, I hope you like the new Fubar twist on one of my favorite drinks”


Long Island Shark, by K.P. from Three Kings
Tequila, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Lime, Shark energy drink
“Come and try our Long Island Shark!”

Three Kings

Lady Killer, by MD & Moses from Uprising
Southern comfort, cut lime & lemon, and cranberry juice
“Ladies! I hope you enjoy these cocktails. Have fun and see you in the morning”


Live Entertainment
Last but not least, we proud to present a line up top quality local live entertainment. Live Jazz, acrobatic stage performances and one of the hottest DJs in town. Multisensory attack!

Fukuoka Hottest Jazz Band – “Fukuoka Joe” – LIVE!
Active since the early 1990s, Fukuoka Joe’s seven member line-up plays 60’s “hard bop” and their own brand of intense jazz. Flip your lid to this hot & hip jazz combo!

Fukuoka Joe

Toshiaki Tashiro – Live Painter
We’re super-pleased to announce that Toshiaki Tashiro will perform at this Saturday’s event – Creative Community – as the live painter. Born in 1980 in Saga, Tashiro was the youngest Western-style painter in Saga Prefecture to receive prestigious Prefectural Governor Prize, the Ryoichi Yamaguchi Prize and later several others including the Ueno’s Mori Art Museum First Prize (2010), Tokyo Wonder Wall (2011) and Tokyo Wonder Seeds (2012). Tashiro’s Official Website:

Toshiaki Tashiro

DJ SamTroy
DJ SamTroy is a creative and technical Dj and music producer from New Zealand. His 12 years of Djing experience span across three countries; New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Now living in Fukuoka, he is known for his House mixes, combining Deep, Tech, Funky, Jackin and Electro House. He has become a household name within the Fukuoka Club and music scene; holding down a residency at Club Echo and regularly working as a guest DJ at events around Fukuoka, including the Fukuoka Now dance parties.


Samurai Ballers – Acrobatic Basketball Dribblers
They’re athletes, they’re dancers and performers! Watch these guys pump up the volume and energy on stage in a very unique performance!

Samurai Ballers

MC Sebo
He’s back! Always funny sometimes a little zany – he’s our favorite MC from France!



Creative Community 2014
• Nov. 8, (Sat.), 18:30~late
• @ JR Kyushu Hall,
• Door: ¥1,500

TICKETS AT THE DOOR! Come anytime between 18:30 and midnight!

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Published: Oct 4, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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