Dover Itoshima 10th Shop Anniversary Party

START: Sep 23, 2018 END: Sep 23, 2018

Studio, gallery, arts & crafts shop Dover Itoshima celebrates its 10th year anniversary with a whole-day celebration including children’s art classes and crafts and painting workshops in the morning, as well as live painting collaborations and dry flower making workshops in the afternoon. Food and drink stalls provide tasty nibbles, sweets and beverages. Then in the evening there’s live music and of course the bar is open! Reservation only required for the children’s art class.

• 9/23 (Sun., hol.)
• 11:00~20:00
• Free entry (*tipping the musicians would be appreciated)
• Dover Itoshima
4657 Shimasakurai, Itoshima City, Fukuoka

Published: Sep 10, 2018 / Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018