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Hakata Old Town Light Up Walk & Mermaid Bones

It’s back! Once a year for just a few days, several temples, shrines and other historic places in the Hakata area are beautifully illuminated, including a few spots not usually open to the public. Last night Fukuoka Now attended a pre-open event and here are a few of our snapshots.

And as an extra bonus, at Ryuguji Temple visitors can see the display of mermaid bones. Legend has it that on April 14, 1222, a mermaid washed ashore in Hakata Bay. Non-believers think they might be the bones of finless porpoise (neophocaena phocaenoides). Go and see for yourself! The bones are not usually on display, so don’t miss this chance. Let us know what you think!

Note that some of the sites become busy, so arrive early to avoid queues. You can enter up to ten sites with one ticket (valid for 5 days).

• 10/31 (Wed.) ~ 11/4 (Sun.)
• 17:30~21:00 (last entry 20:45)
• Free entrance: Kushida Shrine, Shojoji Temple, Ichigyoji Temple, Hakata Sennen-no-mon, Katsuragi Jizo, Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum
• Fee required: Kushida Shrine main hall and Shimekake Inari Shrine, Jotenji Temple, Tochoji Temple, Myorakuji Temple, Engakuji Temple, Myotenji Temple, Hongakuji Temple, Zendoji Temple, Kaigenji Temple, Ryuguji Temple
• Adv.: ¥1,000, door: ¥1,500
• Tickets sold at Fukuoka City Tourist Information Center (Tenjin and Hakata), Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum, Kushida Shrine, Lawson Ticket, Seven Ticket and more
092-283-5041 (weekdays 10:00~17:00, until 21:00 during the event)

Night Viewing of Tochoji Temple Buddha
During this period, viewing of Japan’s largest wooden statue of a seated Buddha is also open at night.
• 10/31 (Wed.) ~ 11/2 (Fri.)

And there’s still more “Akihaku” Hakata Autumn events taking place in the coming weeks. Access this page for details.

Published: Oct 30, 2018 / Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018