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January 2019 Fukuoka Now

Happy New Year! So without losing a beat, we roll into our third decade of publication! 2019 will be big for Fukuoka as it hosts Rugby World Cup 2019 matches. Learn how to book tickets starting January 19! For a unique meal near Kushida Shrine, try Jujuan where a beef version of a local favorite, steamed eel dish, is served. Then for another unique dish, check out Buta Soba’s clear tonkotsu (pork) noodle dish along with dumplings and tasty side dishes. Not your average tonkotsu ramen shop! Next, serving hand drip coffee and Japanese sweets Étoile Coffee brings yet another new cafe experience to Fukuoka. For a hip nightspot, Como Es in Yakuin, a two-story house converted into a music bar with DJ’s spinning music from a collection of thousands of LPs is your ticket. Then in this month’s Itoshima Now read about Little Souk, the first and only Middle Eastern cafe and shop (with shisha pipes, smoothies and more!). Or drop by Sandwich Shop for great sandwiches and a view of the sea. And finally, as always there are lots of events this month – read on!

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Étoile CoffeeCafe

Buta Soba TsukiyaNoodle

Como EsBar

Yokaban NYnew open!

Meet Geigi at the Hakata Traditional Performing Arts CentreFeature

Itoshima Now! January 2019Feature

Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan in Fukuoka!Feature

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Hatsumode in Fukuoka 2018-2019

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Tama Seseri

Heshikiri-Hasebe Sword

Daizenji Tamataregu no Oniyo

Toka Ebisu New Year Festival

Annual New Year’s Firefighters’ Parade

Japan Rugby Top League Cup 2018-2019

70th Kagu Show Japan

Hatsukoshin Festival

Fukuoka City
Published: Dec 20, 2018 / Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018