Mar 20, 2016 22:08 by smcwane

It says give away so please don’t ask me how much. Its free! I have some clothes, mostly household items, a few kitchen things. I just need to get rid of it cause I’m going back to my country. Clothes on the line, FREE! I have 2 futons to give away, sheets, pillows, whole bed set up free give away! This Saturday, March 26th ALL DAY. I have no furniture. I’m sorry please don’t ask for furniture I also do not have appliances either. Please don’t ask. I do not have a microwave, I do not have a rice cooker or water boiler, any appliance stuff I do NOT HAVE. All I have is one small little lamp to give away. Also last week somebody took my laundry soap and fabric softener. It totally was not in the free pile thanks. 5-22-13 Meinohama #101 Nishi Ku Fukuoka Shi, Fukuoka Japan 819-0002. Take whatever you want, leave the rest.

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