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Mikan Picking in Itoshima

Certainly one of the sweetest perks about living in Japan is the availability of inexpensive and tasty mikan (unshu mikan 温州蜜柑). Did you know they were once commonly referred to as satsuma, as in the area of southern Kyushu? Well, that aside, Kyushu has some mighty tasty mikan. Last weekend we visited an orchard in Itoshima to pick some. Entrance to the orchard is ¥300 for adults and ¥200 for children. You are given two pails, clippers, and gloves and then it’s off to search for the sweetest fruit. Pro tip: look for fruit that is hanging on the longest and thinnest stems. Another tip, be sure to cut as much of the stem off as possible. If you do not, the protruding stem will damage other fruit in the pail. When you’re done, weigh your pail and pay ¥300 per kilogram. There are two varieties of trees, Ueno and Nichinan, but it’s very hard to tell them apart. There are a few picnic tables and open grass areas. Ideal for dates or families. The season is expected to run until the end of November this year, but it might be wise to call in advance.

Kamadano Orchards
1780 Shima-mitoko, Itoshima City
• 10:00~17:00

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Published: Oct 31, 2018 / Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018