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New Winery in Yamaga

A new winery will open for business in Yamaga City on November 10. Media outlets and staff from the winery were invited to a special tour of the premises on November 5 to mark the completion of the facility. A local cooperative of winemakers helped finance the construction along with help from Kikuka Town, Yamaga City. The winery cost approximately ¥1.45 billion to build. The premises will cultivate seven types of grape, which will be used to produce a range of different wines. Visitors will be able to purchase the final product from a store inside the facility. A restaurant serving dishes made from locally sourced ingredients has also been established inside the grounds. The head of the Kumamoto wine corporation involved in the establishment of the premises stated that their aim is to support Yamaga by working together with local people. Source: NHK News Web, 11/5/2018

Photo: Kikuka Winery

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Published: Nov 9, 2018 / Last Updated: Nov 9, 2018