Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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A Quiet Temple of Red Leaves To Forget Time and Feel the Season

Dazaifu City is home to several historical sites that attract tourists year-round, including Dazaifu Tenmangu, a large shrine that is home to a God of learning, and the ruins of the ancient seat of government built 1300 years ago. Dazaifu takes on a new identity with every season, thrilling visitors with its verdant summers, red autumns and white winters. The leaves are now turning a brilliant red, a color that fits perfectly with its ancient roots. The leaves blend harmoniously with the ancient buildings that surround Tenmangu Shrine, giving visitors the illusion of entering a different world.
Among these sites, Komyozenji, a temple known for its lichen and stone garden, offers unforgettable autumn scenery. Located near Dazaifu shrine, Komyozenji was founded as a Zen temple in 1273 by Buddhist priest Tetsugyu Enshin of the Rinzaishu Tofuku Sect. Its exquisitely set lichen and stone garden are enveloped in a deep silence. Ittekikainoniwa, a display of lichen and white sand symbolizing the land and sea, and the Fukkosekitei, a stone arrangement of the kanji character for “light,” will fill you with a deep sense of inner peace before the beautiful stillness of ancient Japan.

2-16-1 Dazaifu City Dazaifu
Entrance: 200 yen
Ten-minute walk from Nishitetsu Dazaifu Station. Two minutes from Dazaifu Tenmangu.

** Dazaifu Tenmangu Visitor Info! **
Dazaifu Tenjin Omoshiroichi Market
Held six times a year, the market is always lively with customers who come every time to hunt for treasures.
11/27 (Sat) , 28 (Sun), 9:00 – 17:00

Omoshiroichi Market is held at Tenjin Square inside the Tenmangu court. Merchants from all over Kyushu and Japan, as well as Fukuoka, set up shop here to hawk their wares. Over 100 different shops sell katana, traditional cloths and Japanese antique crafts as well as Western antiques such as glassware and jewelry.

Dazaifu Chrysanthemum Exhibit
In November, Dazaifu Tenmanguユs inner court is decorated with brilliant chrysanthemums.

11/1 (Mon) ~ 21 (Sun)
A row of flowers lines the shrineユs main path from its entrance gate to the inner shrine, filling the air with their sweet scent. Raised by flower lovers from all over Kyushu, the chrysanthemums are cut and crafted in a variety of uniquely Japanese styles.