My Inaka: The Perfect Mountain Getaway!

Oct 24, 2011 19:18 没有评论


by Lindsay Marsh

Are you craving a short, simple escape from your hectic city life? Pinpoint tiny Saga Prefecture on your Kyushu map and explore the cabin fever possibilities in Nishiarita, a quaint town only 90 minutes from Saga City. Nestled in the woods surrounded by vivid green mountain tops, Ryumon Valley is the ideal place for a quick, refreshing getaway. Reconnect with your adventurous spirit and bring lots of like-minded friends. Five log cabins are ready for you. Each can hold five, 10 or 16 people, with the bigger ones featuring bunk beds. For as little as エ7,700 a night for the 16-person cabin, you can’t go wrong. My friends and I had a great time when we ventured west into our prefecture’s mountain region, spending our Saturday night with card games, guitar sing-alongs, and snacks in sleeping bags. The cabin features lights, エ150 blankets for rent, and nearby washrooms with running water. The next morning, we took advantage of the area’s great hiking spots and a gorgeous view of the green-blue Ryumon dam. We felt worlds away from our usual busy, urbanized lives. Open year-round!