Kurano Hosomichi Kippu

START: Mar 9, 2013 END: Apr 7, 2013

EXPERIENCE THE BEST OF FIVE SAKE BREWERIES ::: Between Mar. 9 and Apr. 7 (excl. Mar. 30/31), each weekend will provide an excellent opportunity for sake enthusiasts to enjoy tasting and comparing new sake at five local breweries. The second annual Kurano Hosomichi Kippu event tickets are return train tickets from a station on the Tenjin Omuta Line or the Dazaifu Line to Ozeki, Oki or Kitano Station on the Amagi Line. Ticket holders can get on and off at Ozeki, Oki and Kitano as they please. The ticket is ¥1,420 if you leave from Tenjin or Yakuin. After arriving, visitors can enjoy local breweries by paying ¥200 at each brewery and receive two drinks. The participating breweries are; Yamaguchi Brewery (Kurume), Chitosennomatsu (Kurume), Yamanokotobuki (Kurume), Inoue Gomei (Tachiarai-machi) and Kenjo Brewery (Tachiarai-machi). For information call Nishitetsu’s Customer Service Center on 0570-00-1010.
• 3/9~4/7 (Excl. 3/30 and 3/31)
• Nishitetsu Amagi Line
• ¥1,420 (if visitor leaves from Tenjin or Yakuin).
• 0570-00-1010

Published: Mar 10, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016