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Bagels and Beyond

After years of apprenticing at bakeries in America, Bagel & Bagel owner Hiroki Hayashi realized that to bake a good bagel you needed “cold country” wheat, clean water, and the proper yeast and salt. According to him “it’s simply impossible to make a nice bagel with Japanese wheatモ. His solution was to prepare the bagel dough in America and then bake the little beauties inside each shop. However, don’t expect a hard crust, as these bagels have been adjusted to the Japanese preference for a little bit softer foods. Still, they’re seriously tasty ミ especially toasted. The problem is deciding which of the 15 varieties to order. Begin with the classics; sesame, blueberry, roasted onion, and cinnamon raisin ミ and then venture off into the creative zone with numbers like, spinach, cranberry, cocoa & white chocolate, and the “fiery volcano” ! Eat-in, take out, toasted or plain, they’re all just 147 yen, and that includes access to the “jam & honey bar” for some extra flavoring in the morning. Man cannot live on bagels alone, so they have deli-style sets too. Breakfast sets start at 399 yen and Sunday Brunch (served 11:00~16:00) including a gourmet sandwich, deli dish, salad, and drink marks out the rich many end at just 840 yen. Besides the five standard cream cheeses, there’s always a seasonal special, some of them sweet and fruity enough that you might consider them a desert. But deserts they have too. Try the “Everestモ , which is as big as its namesake. You’ve been warned. A full range of coffees, juices, teas and beer round out the menu. The Daimyo shop is their 36th in Japan, and the largest, so it’s a comfortable place to just hangout; indoor non-smoking seating, and a few outdoor tables for smokers.

Tenjin H 1F 2-1-14 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 8:00~20:00 / 11:00~20:00 (Sat.) / 11:00~18:00 (Sun. & Hol.)
Closed: Never
Prices: Bagle all 147 yen, Lunch Set 630 yen, Smoke Salmon & Cream Cheese 540 yen

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