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A Cut Above the Rest

European cutting, coloring and perming techniques simply not found elsewhere in Fukuoka are the highlights of this salon, whose name translates as “Sunday.” Master hair stylist Rod Sebaoon has had 8 years’ experience cutting and styling hair in his native Paris, where he’s even styled the likes of Isabelle Adjani, and 10 years in Fukuoka before opening this long-awaited shop in May. Rod emphasizes that the salon’s use of swift cutting techniques and gentle dyes and solutions ensures a soft, flattering look that best complements each client’s individual features. Other bonuses you’ll find include a chic atmosphere filled with aromatherapy scents, tasty espresso coffee, and personalized care by a stylist who oversees every step of each your hair cut or coloring… so you’re treating each of your five senses, not just your hair, each time you visit. “Every day is Sunday” is the message here, so take a break soon and pamper yourself!

Prio Daimyo II 5F, 1-13-19 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

A Cut Above the Rest

Open: 11:00~20:00 (12:00~22:00 Fri.)
Closed: Mon./Tue..
Cut 6,000yen, Color 6,000 yen, Perm 6,000yen, Foot bath 500yen, Espresso 150yen.
* Wanted: Models (anyone!) for free hair cuts and styling by apprentices! Perms/coloring extra 2,000yen. Offer

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