Fuji-Cho, Saga Prefecture Fuji’s Fall Film Festival

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A town of rivers and ravines

Yes, the summer may be coming to an end, but it’s still hot out and frankly, who wants to get out of vacation mode? If you’re looking for one last trip to wrap up the summer in style, we’ve got a cool spot for you!
Many people may not have heard of Saga Prefecture’s Fuji-Cho, but the Kyushu connoisseur should be familiar with its renowned Furuyu Onsen. A short 50-minute drive from Fukuoka City through Aburayama on a lovely mountain road, Fuji-Cho is a land of onsen, campgrounds and historical sites.
A must-see is Obuchimebuchi Park, with its strange, dominating rock formations. Just watching the clear, sparkling water flow across these enormous jagged stones is enough to make you forget the heat. The cavern on the right bank of Obuchi Abyss is known to be so deep that once inside, escape is impossible. And it is said that no one has ever entered the nearby underwater cavern. From the cool safety above, it’s a thrill to listen to the legends that surround this storied park.

And now for something completely different – movies!

This month, the lively Furuyu Onsen will suddenly become a center of the cinematic world, with the two-day 21st Annual Cinema Festival in Furuyu held on the weekend of September 25-26. Old and new movies of all genres are shown at the Festival, with notable directors and actors coming to town to take part in symposiums and parties. A mat is spread on the floor of the showing room, adding a unique, earthy atmosphere to the movie-viewing experience.

Sweet Time!
These shiny, bite-sized sweets are the famous Shiratama manju of Furuyu. The onsen district is lined with specialty shops that have preserved their unique flavor over the generations.

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