Gouter Cafe

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Lunches, Dinners and Sweets

Imagine having a friend who lives in a funky renovated two-story apartment where there’s always cool music playing and something yummy on the stove. Gouter Cafe, run by two friendly, independent young women, is something like that. Located just off of Keyaki-dori near the 4-way Kego intersection, Gouter is an excellent choice for a light meal, drinks and a scrumptious homemade dessert. Miho is the cook and produces an amazing array of deli-style dishes. Try her Tomato Shrimp Carabonara Penne, Nashi Goran, Chicken Confit or the surprisingly delightful Gorganzolla White Peach & Honey Pizza. The Daily Deli Lunch is just 850 yen and includes about five items, along with salad, soup, rice and an extra 300 yen gets you the dessert set. Speaking of desserts, that’s Nao’s domain. Using seasonal fruits and as little sugar as possible she offers nearly ten homemade desserts daily, mostly pies, cakes and tarts, but we hear her parfait are wonderful too! Take-out by the slice or whole are OK, and for 1,500 yen you can join her dessert class held three times per month – coffee and cake included! Or stop by just for drinks and there’s plenty to choose from including herbal teas, specialty coffees, fresh juice cocktails, and of course wine and beer. Sweet Tomato Juice and Fresh Lemon Beer are two popular and original drinks worth checking out!

2-15-19 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 12:00~15:00 O.S. (Lunch), 18:00~23:30 O.S., 13:30~23:30 (Sat.), 13:30~20:00 (Sun. & Hol)
Closed: Tue
Prices: No charge. Tomato Shrimp Carabonara Penne 740 yen, Draft beer 530 yen, Coffee or Tea & Two Desserts set 1,030 yen

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