Martial Arts

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for Physical and Spritual Strength

Martial arts. The Oxford English Reference Dictionary defines them simply as “fighting sports such as Karate and Judo.” The essence of martial arts seems lost in these two simple words, but can any definition cover all martial arts? Every martial art is different, and all have evolved in infinite ways. Perhaps the essence of martial arts is that they teach self-defense and the ability to defeat an opponent by crafting not only ones physical abilities but one’s spiritual strength as well.

Not everyone is interested in martial arts, but all of us have been influenced by them in one way or another. In Japan, fighting tournaments such as PRIDE and K-1 have been attracting a lot of attention. And most of us who grew up outside of Asia have had our view of this continent defined to a great extent by the martial arts it created. Ninjas, Bruce Lee, Mr. Miyagi, all these Asian icons have formed (and sometimes distorted) our view of the Far East. Martial arts are as tied to Western notions of Asia and Japan as chopsticks.

Indeed, many of us have come to Japan specifically to explore the roots of these ancient crafts. In Fukuoka, the number of non-Japanese who pursue martial arts is always growing. Fukuoka Now decided to speak to these foreigners and learn what drew them here, and how they are doing in their spiritual quest. Whatever your interest, it’s a good bet that Fukuoka offers a martial art that meets your needs. Hear what these martial artists have to say. We hope youユll be inspired to start your own journey towards self-perfection.

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