Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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Fukuoka, where history, natural beauty and urban excitement collide

Nishi-ku ミ An area of multifarious pleasures
Feel like getting out of the city and experiencing both the mountains and the sea within hours? This month we turn our sights on Fukuoka City’s western boundary, Nishi-ku. Besides offering beautiful nature this area is also rich in history and culture making it an ideal destination for a date or family daytrip. Marinoa City Fukuoka (Tel: 092-892-8700) is a huge shopping complex facing Hakata Bay. It features many factory outlets stores and two huge Ferris wheels. The Fukuoka Municipal Yacht Harbor (Tel: 092-882-2151), the largest in Kyushu, welcomes you with a fantastic view and a refreshing sea breeze. The Fukuoka Municipal Sea-Fishing Park (Tel: 092-809-2666) is another unique attraction. The pier, stretched out 386m on to the sea, is an excellent fishing site, where you if you’re lucky you can catch some red sea bream. For those interested in history Nishi-ku abounds with well preserved historic monuments including ancient tombs and ruins. The remains of Fortifications against the Mongolian Invation, which were built about 800 years ago around the Imazu, Imajuku and Kinomatsubara top the list. For background information on this be sure to pick up a copy of “Rekishi Yokatoko Tour Guide” (Tel: 092-895-7006: The planning section in the general affairs department of Nishi-ku). It was produced by local volunteers and is filled with episodes passed on from local residents to one another.

1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Tel: 092-711-4111

** Fukuoka City, Nishi-ku visitor information! **

Kayu divination at Iimori Shrine
A unique divination by the rice gruel. First, the rice are boiled into gruel, and presented and kept in the shrine for a while. Then, it is opened and the condition of mold on the surface will tell the harvest will be rich or poor. Boiling rice into gruel: 2/14 around 20:00 ~ 1:00, Presenting the gruel: 2/15 6:00 ~, Opening the gruel: 3/1 6:00 ~. Iimori Shrine / Tel: 092-811-1329

5 min. walk from Nishitetsu Bus Iimori bus-stop

Meinohama Morning Market
Every Sun. 5:30 a.m. ~
The Meinohama Fishing Port’s morning market is open ot the public every Sunday. Even in the early morning, a lot of people visit for the various commodities, such as fresh fish and shellfish straight from the sea, juicy vegetables and fruits directly from the nearby farms, and various homemade dishes. (Tel: 092-881-0025: Meinohama branch of Fukuoka City Fishery Co-op.)

Drive straight for Nishi-ku over the Atago Ohashi, Turn right at the Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Ohashi crossing.

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