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Bar and Side Dishes

“Orga’s ceiling high windows, long-backed wood chairs, bright-red walls, a high ceiling and brightly-colored paintings all contribute to its majestic European atmosphere. And with a clever use of floor lighting and candles, its space takes on a gently mysterious tinge. Manager Eguchi-san explains the idea behind the design: “”We didn’t deliberately set out to recreate a particular location or era, but from the undressed walls and the interior, I suppose many people may be reminded of Medieval Europe. We didn’t feel like everything had to fit with a concept, we just chose paintings and furniture we liked and the whole atmosphere just came together. If we find something we want, we’re still happy to add it, and we plan to use this space for special events in the future.”” Currently the space attracts mostly cliental in their thirties and above. A wide variety of interesting non-commercial music, mostly from Eguchi?s personal cache, fills the background at just the right volume. All manner of alcoholic beverages are served, be it wine, brandy or shochu, and cocktails, made to order for those who request them. One of the keys to Orga’s success is its “”night lunches””, food sets served at all hours of the night. From a wide variety of small dishes ranging from onigiri and soup to croquettes and chili, patrons can select two at a time for a set price. Ideal for those who work late or prefer not to drink on an empty stomach. The caption under Orga’s sign reads “”Bar and Side Dish”” but that understates the depth and quality of the food menu. An ideal place to escape to for a light meal, drinks and a chat until the wee hours.”

"4F Oak Building 25, 2-18-17 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 20:30~5:00
Closed: Tuesdays
Prices: Charge 520 yen includes snack, glass wine 630 yen, draft beer 630 yen, Yebisu (small bottle) 680 yen, chili 630 yen, Shanghai-style yakisoba 940 yen, Potato macaroni gratin 780 yen

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