Rokumaru Kitchen

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Relaxing @ Rokumaru

“It’s the kind of place I’d like to bring a girlfriend to, commented manager Takatoshi Sugimoto. And he’s right ? Rokumaru (meaning six-zero, as in the 60’s) strikes a decidedly cool balance between hip and comfortable. Furnished almost entirely with late fifties and sixties designer chairs, tables and sofas, the ambience might even appear somewhat exotic to the younger set. Serving both food and drinks until 4 am it’s a great place for a meal, snack or drink after work. The food menu features mostly Japanese/Italian/French fusion dishes. Most dishes are priced well under 1,000 yen, excellent value considering the taste and quality of presentation. Miso Carbonara, Pomfret & Eggplant Poele with Yuzu, Gorgonzola Risotto, Rokumaru Omu Rice, and Caesar Salad are all highly recommended. Every cocktail imaginable is available including the Wabi-Sabi Sakura Saku made with sake and cherry liquor.It’s hard to choose a single sweet, so try the three-dessert sampler for 780 yen. Low lighting, soft background music, and a friendly, English speaking staff make Rokumaru a relaxed lounge well worth a visit, whether it be a romanchic date or solo trip.”

"1-4-22 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka "


“Open: 18:00~4:00
Closed: Wed.
Prices: No charge, Caesar Salad Rokumaru 650 yen, Miso Carbonara 900 yen, Dessert Sampler 780 yen, Gorgonzola Risotto 850 yen, glass wine 550 yen~”

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