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Fukuoka Prefecture is home to many small and medium-sized manufacturers of creative and unique high quality products. The culture of Fukuoka and its environment are reflected in the development of many of these products. The Value of Fukuoka, Japan website was set up to not only showcase some of these products, but also to provide an easy way for people around the world to purchase these products.

Here are a few items that Fukuoka Now’s editors found interesting. Access their website at to see many more! There are Chinese and Korean websites too!


MYU Stool ¥9,800
This uniquely-designed stool incorporates traditional Japanese tatami mat-like material into a modern form that is both comfortable and practical. Made with natural rush, humidity is never a problem and users say it has a relaxing effect. Its simple one-piece design means it can be used right out of the box, and its strong reinforced wooden structure means it’s durable and long-lasting too. Its “cool Japan” design also suits Western lifestyles. Ergonomically curved to fit your buttocks, the MYU stool will become a faithful souvenir of Fukuoka. It’s available in red and black.

Cosmetic Sea Soap ¥2,100


This award-winning sea soap is made with only soap base, sea salt and seaweed and no artificial coloring agents nor fragrances. Akaneya uses lots of high quality kelp by-products derived from the production of Fukuoka’s famous specialty “Kinari Mentaiko” (additive-free marinated pollack roe). From the kelp stock moisturizing ingredients such as algin acid and fucoidan are extracted, dried and added to this natural soap. The result is a soap that leaves a wonderfully soft feel to your face, body and hair with a slight scent of sea air. Continuous use of the soap relieves dryness and improves skin conditions.


Japan Wax ¥2,310
Here’s a very rare and unique product with a long tradition dating back over 150 years to the Edo period. White wax, also known as sumac wax or “Japan Wax”, is a rare material used as a hair dressing by sumo wrestlers, in medicine, and is still used for candles. Now it is used for the coating and protection of materials such as wood products, furniture, leather, metals and even plastics. Made using traditional methods and of 100% natural materials, it is safe for children. The scent of Japanese cinnamon, which is used as a preservative, gives it a pleasant fragrance too!

Treasures of Fukuoka – Event
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