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Utterly Unpretentious

“Eight years ago when Toyota-san opened his one-man Italian restaurant he chose the Kiyokawa area off of Niseki-dori mainly because it was dirt cheap, and while way off the beaten path, still not too far from Tenjin for his customers to find him. The bad news: Toyota-san stopped serving food four years ago; the good news: Ania (a name taken from his favorite Italian wine) is still popular with a wide range of cliental who enjoy Ania’s simplicity and, of course, Toyota-san’s laidback and friendly character. So laidback, in fact, that it’s strongly advised that you call in advance to make sure the shop is open. Toyota-san’s top priority appears to be fishing, and that sometimes conflicts with the pesky business of running a bar. Bad weather means bad fishing, and that in turns improves the odds that he’ll open on time. Officially, his hours are 9pm to 3am, but most nights he can be found sharing a nightcap with customers as late (as early?) as 8am! Assuming you find the dimly lit entrance in the first place, your next surprise will be the gravel floor. Pull up a seat at the “”S””-shaped counter, or venture into the tiny and ragged “”back room”” furnished with old recycled chairs and matching peeling wall paper. Naturally there’s no menu, but all the basic beverages are offered, including four varieties of Italian wine (600 yen~), a few shochu (600 yen~), cocktails, and bottled beers such as Bass Pale Ale (600 yen), Lowenbrau (500 yen), Guinness, Ebisu, Corona and others. So if you’re looking for a break from trendy and noisy joints in Daimyo and Imaizumi, and think you might enjoy the company of other like-minded folks ? or if you happen to live near Kiyokawa, check out Ania; but call first!”

"3-20-31-1F Kiyokawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 20:00~3:00
Closed: Undecided, often Mon or Tue, call in advance
Prices: Charge 300 yen, Wine 600 yen/glass, Lowenbrau 500 yen”

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