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Bingo! Aural Love

“Fukuoka’s Oyafuko-dori area is well known for its dance clubs, international bars, and live houses ? in short music. So when the DJs and musicians aren’t on the local stages they might very well be sitting right next to you sipping drinks. Located on the second floor on a back alley off Oyafuko-dori, Bingo Love is one such spot. The pub is owned by Shinji Koyanagi, who also operates a chain of fashion shops and is a well respected guitarist and vocalist. Currently he’s active in two bands, “”Waltz Elegy”” a passionate folk & rock band and a new percussion ensemble known as “”Club Volcano””. Every month, the restaurant hosts five or six scheduled performances. Koyanagi usually appears on one of those evenings and the rest feature an eclectic and unpredictable line-up of Okinawan to African musicians. The pub’s small scale means everyone is “”front row”” for performances. Communication between performers and the audience is not only encouraged – it’s inevitable, and on evenings without scheduled performances, guests (well, talented ones) are welcome to pick up a guitar and initiate a jam. Teru (manager), Kenji and Madoka run Bingo in Koyanagi’s absence and keep the booze and tunes flowing along with some pretty tasty, light meals. Kenji’s “”Omu-rice”” and Carbonara Spaghetti are amongst the most popular. All the regular cocktails, several flavors of beer, wines and shochu are just a shout away. Their “”no charge”” policy makes it even easier for first-timers to check it out – with the exception of scheduled performances in which reasonable charges of 1,000 ~2,000 (including one drink) are collected. So for a break from the big clubs and concert halls consider dropping by Bingo for some aural Love.”

"2F 1-8-2 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 18:00~3:00
Closed: Never
Prices: No charge except for scheduled performances, Most cocktails from 735 yen. draft beer 525 yen, bottled wine 1,890 yen~”

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