Bridge Maker

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Bridge Maker

Architecture is not just about buildings, itユs a philosophy about what people see and touch, and itユs not limited to physical existence; itユs much deeper than thatモ. Born in Fukuoka, educated in America, Matsuoka applies a touch of humanity to all of her projects from stylish coffee tables to 2km long bridges. Considering the tremendous development that Iユve witnessed since arriving here 14 years ago, I feel better knowing that architects like Matsuoka are working now on our behalf and that of our childrenユs.

Nick Szasz/Editor-in-Chief

NOTE: Encounter is Fukuoka Now’s interview page. Each month an inspiring individual from the Fukuoka community is introduced. The interview is conducted and printed in Japanese. For the convenience of non-Japanese, phonetic kana characters appear above the kanji (Chinese characters) Unfortunately, this can not be replicated on our site. Click on the word “Japanese” of the small Japanese flag to read the text in Japanese.

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