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Anieza Noor

Fukuoka is well known as a comfortable place to live for Japanese, but what about foreigners? Both Rainbow Plaza and Kokusai Hiroba do a great job at providing information and support services in foreign languages; but ultimately no one knows the needs of foreigners better than foreigners themselves. With that in mind, Anieza inaugurated Fukutomo Club, a registered NPO that organizes events in which foreigners network with other foreigners and Japanese. Read on to learn more about Anieza, a Hakata dialect speaking cross-cultural communicator from Malaysia.
Nick Szasz/Editor-in-Chief

NOTE: Encounter is Fukuoka Now’s interview page. Each month an inspiring individual from the Fukuoka community is introduced. The interview is conducted and printed in Japanese. For the convenience of non-Japanese, phonetic kana characters appear above the kanji (Chinese characters) Unfortunately, this can not be replicated on our site. Click on the word “Japanese” of the small Japanese flag to read the text in Japanese.

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