Juke Joint

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Vinyl Vibes (and beer)

“There’s a new joint off Oyafuko and it goes by the name of Juke. Matsumoto-san, proprietor of the venerable vinyl emporium Juke Records, and Sakata-san, former drummer of Hakata’s famous Sonhouse, have joined forces to create a music bar to (especially) please the pre-CD crowd. Matsumoto’s personal library – some 3,000 LPs (less than 1/3rd of his total kitty) and 2,000 CDs – line the walls. It’s a museum in which you can touch and enjoy a collection lovingly assembled over decades. Juke is all about music, but it comes without pretension and without pressure. If you want to chat about a track or study a sleeve, fine, if not, simply sit back and enjoy the full but not overpowering sound. Here, playlists don’t exist, customers are encouraged to select a little of what they fancy, some even bring their own discs. Autographed walls bear testimony to Juke’s popularity as an after-gig pad for artists and fans alike. With most drinks at 500 yen and food equally reasonable, this is a bar where you can afford to linger and recall how things used to sound.

"Estate More-Maizuru 2F, 1-9-23, Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 18:00~02:00 (Sun~Thu), ~03:00 (Fri/Sat)
Closed: Never
Prices: Table charge 500 yen, draft beer 500 yen~, whiskey 500 yen~, cocktails 600 yen~”

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