King of Commercials

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Jean Christian Bouvier

I first met Jean-Christian back in 1999 when he was preparing the launch of his first CM Festival in Fukuoka. He came into our office waving his hands all over the place, speaking half in English, half in Japanese, and lugging a huge rucksack filled with books, papers and videos. Then, he went on to tell me about his six-hour long, all-night, back-to-back TV commercial festival. As bizarre of an idea as it was, I’m happy to say I was among the few at the time who said “go for it!” He did, and now after years of toil, his festival is held all over Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaido ミ but weユre proud to say he started here in Fukuoka, still lives here, and alsways will live here.
Nick Szasz/Editor-in-Chief

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