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Oishii Oitan Oasis

You’re already familiar with Fukuoka’s favorite local dishes, such as mizutake, motsunabe, ramen, and anything with mentai in it, but what about cuisine from the rest of Kyushu? Welcome to Ledoux, a stylish yet relaxing two-story restaurant/pub smack dab in the middle of Tenjin, featuring hearty, home-style Oita cuisine. If you like white chicken meat and tempura, then you’ll love Ledoux’s specialty, toriten; nuggets of chicken breast deep-fried in light crispy batter. Dip them into a blend of herb salt or a tangy ponzu (Japanese dipping sauce) while they’re still hot to fully savor these morsels of juicy chicken. The Toriten Lunch Set includes toriten, rice, pickles, miso soup and a small salad. Another lunch set, also an Oita specialty, is ryukyu tororo don. Sashimi (usually mackerel) marinated in a special soy sauce is served on a bowl of rice onto which you pour tororo (mountain potato). It may sound a bit exotic, but it slides down the throat smoothly, a healthy and compact meal. The evening menu is varied and includes creative non-genre dishes such as an octopus, celery and plum sauce salad (600 yen) as well as renditions of ethnic favorites such as Thai curry, salad, and noodles. For first-timers, we recommend the Chef’s Special, which includes several of their most popular dishes (including toriten) for just 2,100 yen (min. two people). A full range of cocktails is available as well as a select list of shochu, and premium beers including Heartland and a non-alcohol Lowenbrau. The interior features a mixture of mid-century Japanese and western furnishings tastefully coordinated by the owner, a native of Oita and architect by day. Located next to a Shinto shrine on a narrow alley between Meiji and Showa-dori, even the location and entrance is メspecialモ. If you’re from Oita you’ll know what the word メyodakiモ means. Be sure to mention “yodaki” to Ledoux’s staff to learn more about their informal association of transplanted Oitans and friends of Oita.


1-15-3 Chuo-ku, Tenjin, Fukuoka

Mon~Sat 11:30~14:00 / 17:30~23:00
Closed Sun. (no lunch on weekends and Hol.)
Prices: Chicken Nanban (w/ tartar sauce) 680 yen, Toriten Lunch Set 680 yen, Ryukyu Rice Bowl Lunch Set 780 yen

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