Thunder Bar

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Tegetege Shochu Bar

“The shochu (Japanese spirits) boom may still be widening around Japan but that has nothing to do with Taniyama-san’s opening of his semi-secret shochu bar in Maizuru in December 2002. Kagoshima native Taniyama says he’s been drinking shochu daily since he was 16, nearly thirty years ago and figured that instead of spending money at bars, it would be cheaper to open up his own ? so he did! His personal preference is for potato shochu and drinks on average 1.8 liters of it blended with hot water every day! Does he get hammered? Sure, but he starts sipping early in the evening and maintains that shochu is “”in his blood”” and “”good for you””. He stocks about 200 different bottles and his printed menu highlights 83 varieties including potato, rice, and wheat based spirits. Each entry includes Taniyama’s personal comments making it easy for customers to choose their poison. He doesn’t mind being asked by customers for advice on which to try, but he doesn’t claim to be an expert, and believes that everyone should just continue to try different bottles until they find one they enjoy. “”The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best”” he warns. The interior is accented with figurines and objects from Taniyama’s formative years, the 60s and 70s – includes characters from Thunder Birds, from which the bar takes it’s name. It’s a quiet space, and Taniyama wants to keep it that way. Normally he declines appearances in magazines and other media, but well-behaved Fukuoka Now readers are welcomed, provided they can find it! Your only hints are that it’s on a second floor and somewhere in Maizuru. For a tegetege (Kagoshima dialect for “”take it easy””) experience, checkout Thunder Bar.”

"2F X-X-X (withheld by request) Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"

“Open: 20:00 ~ 26:00
Closed: Sun. & Hol.
Prices: 600 yen table-charge. Most varieties of shochu 500 yen~, bottled beer 500~, no food served”

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