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12월 후쿠오카 가이드

12월 후쿠오카 가이드…

이달의 후쿠오카: 12월 2015
fn204 cafe nana nov 2015 featimg

Gourmet: 우메야마 텟페이 식당
fn204 gourmet teppei umeyama nov 2015 001

Illumination Guide: The Best Viewing Spots

World AIDS Day: Dec. 1
HIV ft img

Now Eats & Drinks: Foodie Feature
fn204 eggs n things nov 2015 001

City Bulletin: 12월 2015
carfree small

Fukuoka Topics: 하카타에서 태어나 일본 열도로 확산된 하카타 코마
fn204fukuoka topic

Also New Online!

Kiki & Lala Cafe Fukuoka Opening Report
kiki and lala cafe opening nov 2015 028

Seven More Reasons to Visit Itoshima
tak cheese nov 2015 003

Fukuoka Ramen Show Report 2015
ramen show nov 2015 011

Hakata Basho Report
sumo wrestling 001

Innovation Studio Fukuoka
Day two of an 'Inspire Workshop': groups form around popular ideas.

Hakushu Festival Report
hakushu festival nov 2015 026

1-Day Fukuoka Prefecture Sightseeing Tours
yame field

Nippon Now! Report
Nippon Now 011

PLUS Special Discounts to the Hottest Parties!

DJ Land White Party
DJ Land Side Banner (300x140) JPG

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Nov 27, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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