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Island Style

Named after a volcano on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Haleakala translates into “house of the sun”. Like the lava in its namesake, Haleakala, with its glass walls over looking Kokutai-doro is also an active hot spot. The positive vibrations begin with the staff, all of whom are friends and family of the owner. They contribute their respective skills to make this Haleakala a comfortable place for everyone. American-style sushi, served as a variety of creative rolls or stylized nigiri, are the masterpieces of Koga, who just returned to Fukuoka with his wife Yurika after five years of working in Japanese restaurants in America. Highly recommended are the Rainbow Roll (avocado, tuna, salmon, basil), the Caterpillar Roll (eel, avocado, sesame, seaweed) and the crispy Salmon Skin Salad. Meanwhile the Western menu is prepared by Oomochi-san and features favorites such as aromatic Jamaican Jerk Chicken, succulent Stinky Shrimp (garlic stir fry), and tasty pastas. Shinichiro-san, the handsome, charismatic (and single!) bartender, not only shakes and stirs the cocktails behind the sleek, long white bar, but he’s the desert chef too. Try his daily homemade seasonal fruit Haleakala Cake. Lunch is also a great deal! Choose between the Sushi, Pasta, Burger (tuna) or Rice Bowl sets beginning at JPY780. Haleakala has it all — creative and tasty food served by friendly folks in a cool space at reasonable prices. What else can you ask for? English menus? Yup, have them too!

3F Daimyo Celebro Bldg., 1-2-9 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 12:00~18:00 Lunch, 18:00~24:00 dinner & bar (Fri., Sat. and before holidays until 03:00) Sun. and holidays: 11:00~23:00
Closed: Wed lunch
Charge: 300 yen (after 18:00), Rainbow Roll 1,000 yen, Salmon Skin Salad 750 yen, Jerk Chicken 800 yen, World beers 700 yen~