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Welcome to the latest version of the Fukuoka Now website! The site debuted back in 1999 as a companion to our print magazine, Fukuoka Now which was first published on Dec. 25, 1998. This latest version of our website carries over much of the contents from the previous website plus a few new sections and utilize the latest technologies. Instead of waiting until we got everything just right and all the features and contents ready we decided to open it as we have it now, and slowly improve it. Your patience and understanding with that is appreciated. We also look forward to hearing your opinions and suggestions for this site. Please use our contact form.

Background on Fukuoka Now magazine
Fukuoka Now was first published on Dec. 25, 1998. Back then, it was a mere single sheet of A1-size paper printed on both sides and folded into 16 A5 pages. One side featured a map of the city and an event calendar. The other side ran reports on restaurants, bars, and places to visit in Fukuoka. Fukuoka Now was always bilingual, English and Japanese. In our third year we added Korean and Chinese, and later years saw special pages in French, Spanish and Portuguese. At one point in time, we regularly had articles in six languages! From April 2011 to March 2012 Fukuoka Now was published in an English and Korean bilingual format. From April 2012 we return to our earliest roots as a 16 page English and Japanese bilingual monthly magazine.

Our concept has remained unchanged since the beginning: to provide non-Japanese and kokusai-jin (internationally-minded Japanese) interested in, or living in Kyushu with practical, timely, and lively information about the Fukuoka and Kyushu area. Our goal is to be the best source of information about Fukuoka and Kyushu for foreigners living here and visiting from abroad.

Fukuoka Now magazine and this website are owned published by Fukuoka Now Ltd., a privately owned and registered company in Fukuoka. The owner and founder, Nick Szasz, is a native of Toronto, Canada, and has lived in Japan for over twenty-six years. The magazine and this site are financed entirely from advertising revenue. Support and recognition of our advertisers is a great way for readers to in turn support us.

Another way for readers to assist or participate is by sharing information with us, participating in our events, or by telling others about Fukuoka Now magazine, website, facebook page, etc. We hope Fukuoka Now will continue to bring both Japanese and non-Japanese together and provide a means of discovery to the many treasures of Fukuoka and Kyushu. Feel free to contact with suggestions, comments, and criticisms.

Now Map
We also publish the most popular foreign language maps for tourist. In 2012 there will be 2 editions: Korean and English and a Chinese edition with both Simple and Traditional scripts. In total 420,000 copies will be distributed.

Now Lounge
Between four and six times a year Fukuoka Now produces large-sale social events. On average approximately 700 guests attend. Usually 30~40% are non-Japanese while and the rest are local Japanese. They’re a great chance to make new friends and meet Fukuoka’s international community.

Facebook & Twitter
As of March, 2012 there are 5,700 fans of the Fukuoka Now facebook page. We update it daily with current events concerning Fukuoka. Check it our here: https://www.facebook.com/fukuokanow We don’t use Twitter as much as we should – yet! But please check us out here: https://twitter.com/FukuokaNow

Other services
When we aren’t working on an upcoming issue or updating this website, Fukuoka Now offers a full range of media production services. We offer planning, editorial, graphic, and photographic services for both print and online projects. Our clients include some of the largest companies and government offices in the area. As media specialists, we also offer professional translation, editing and proof-reading for English, Korean, Chinese and other languages. Feel free to contact us!

Fukuoka Now Magazine – Profile
First issue: Dec. 25, 1998
Cycle: Monthly, (28th of each month)
Price: Free!
Copies: 15,000/issue
Pages: 16~32 (16 minimum)
Languages: English and Japanese
Contents: Restaurant, shop, and nightlife reports. Feature articles, event calendar, city map, travel reports, editorials, humor, international community snapshots, Kyushu Headline News, classified ads, and more.

Female Japanese: 48%
Male Japanese: 21%
Non-Japanese males: 20%
Non-Japanese females: 11%

Under 20 years of age: 4%
20 to 24: 24%
25 to 35: 53%
over 36: 19%

15,000 copies are made available for free at over 500 locations in northern Kyushu. Including Fukuoka Airport, Hakata JR Station, Nishitetsu Tenjin Fukuoka Station, Rainbow Plaza, Kokusai Hiroba, hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops, and at 74 hotels within Fukuoka City. Copies also available at select locations in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Kitakyushu, Kurume, and other major centers in Kyushu.

Display ads in Fukuoka Magazine cost as little as ¥20,000/month! Contact a sales representative in English or Japanese for more details.

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