Hina Festival in Fukuoka

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Yanagawa Hina Festival Sagemon tour
2/11 (Sun.) ~ 4/3 (Sat.) Yanagawa City


The site of little girls in colorful kimono riding on river boats is not to be missed. Equally exquisite is the sight of and reflection on the surface of the Yanagawa river of sagemon (hanging ornaments), unique to Yanagawa region.


Yanagawa City Tourism Association
Tel: 0944-74-0891 (In Japanese only)

Chikugo Yoshii Hina doll tour
2/10 (Wed.) ~ 4/3 (Sat.) Yoshii-machi, Ukiha City


Yoshii-machi of Ukiha City developed as a post station during Edo period. Take a stroll in kimono along the white-walled go down on Shirakabe-dori. The display of hina dolls is amazing and the kimono-wearing experience (¥500 on Sun. and Hol. in March only) is especially popular with ladies.


Ukiha City Tourism Association
Tel: 0943-76-3980 (In Japanese only)

Village of Hina Dolls – Yame Bonbori Festival
2/14 (Sun.) ~ 3/22 (Mon.) Yame City


Hakobina boasts the most dolls of any town in Kyushu. Protected within a box, the face of emperor and empress dolls appear calm and peaceful. The town of Yame, famous for green tea, is also renown for rice paper, lanterns and hina doll making. Underneath the faint pink bonbori paper lantern, hina dolls quietly await visitors.


Yame City office Commerce and Tourism division
Tel: 0943-23-1596 (In Japanese only)

Chikuzen Iizuka Hiina Festival
2/6 (Sat.) ~ 3/3 (Wed.) Iizuka City


A wide variety of hina dolls including the historic Kyoho-bina from Kyoho era of Edo period, the unique Chinhiki-bina (dog on leash), and regular hina can be seen. Japan’s biggest Zashiki-bina, a staggering sized stage equal to 20 tatami-mats, is on display at the former residence of Denemon Ito and is a must-see!


Iizuka Chamber of Commerce Tel: 0948-22-1007 (In Japanese only)