Asian Month 2003

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30 Days Of Enhanced Asian Awareness

Since Fukuoka’s Asian Month was started in 1990, interaction at all levels – from tourism to business and government programs – between Fukuoka and its Asian neighbors has been increasing steadily. And every September the momentum on the ground is accelerated by a month-long series of events and cultural programs. Here’s an overview of Asian Month and some highlights of this year’s program. Also check-out:

Asian Pacific Festival 9/15~21
City Hall literally becomes center stage for a wide range of ethnic dance and dramatic perfomances as well as live concerts by talent coming from traditional as well as contemporary music scenes in Asia. Also featured will be street stalls serving up tasty Asian dishes and others offering goods and foodstuffs. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax in the heart of the city, take in the passion and the imagery, and get into the overall spirit of the celebration.

Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes
Asian culture is an amazing ever-expanding collage of artistry and innovation. And although it was a challenge, for this year’s awards, amoung a number of talented historians, artists, musicians, and others flourishing in the worlds of art and academia four winners were selected. This year’s grand prize will be awarded to Hokama Shuzen, the man primarily accredited for the creation of Okinawan studies as an academic discipline.

Focus on Asia – Fukuoka International Film Festival 9/12~23
This year the festival continues to bring together an inspiring mix of artists and works dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and exchange through the medium of film. In particular, be sure to check out the special female director’s film collection and both the Vietnamese and Korean collections. For 4,000 yen or 3,500 yen in advance a book of five tickets can be purchased to attend the screenings taking place September 12~23. Most films will include subtitles in both Japanese and English, so everyone can enjoy.

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