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Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka City’s Shisei Dayori


Autumn Walking Tours

The Fukuoka Fukutabi Program allows participants to enjoy local autumn festivals and events. You can enjoy nature’s fall colors, the longer nights, and the dining experiences that only Fukuoka offers. The selection of mini-tours includes the Ichiba Yokamon Meguri walking tour of Yanagibashi Market, Hakata’s kitchen; Hakata Bijin ni Daihenshin, an evening walking tour for those dressed in kimono; and tours to try Zen meditation with a sushi bento bonus. Fees vary and available for all through the year. Pamphlets are distributed at City Hall, all ward offices, and tourism centers in Tenjin and Hakata. Latest info on this website. Fukutabi Office Tel: 092-733-5050, HP: yokanavi.com/jp/fukutabi/


Environment Festival Fukuoka 2011

This hands-on event can be enjoyed by people of all ages while learning about the environment. There are upwards of 50 booths, including classes for making eco-bags and eco-candles, and paper pressing artwork using recycled paper. The stage events include a fashion show with recycled clothing, a performance by the Fire Department band, and a workshop for making musical instruments from discarded materials. At the same time, there’s a quiz game with nice presents for the early arrivals, a simulation of a recycling society that the children love, and electric vehicle (EV) exhibits and test drives.
● Dates and time: Oct. 22 ~ 23 (Sat., Sun.), 10:00 ~ 16:00
● Environment Festival Fukuoka 2011 Tel: 092-733-5381, HP: eco-fukuoka2011.com


See the Inside of Fukuoka Castle!



The site of the old Fukuoka Castle is located on the grounds of Maizuru Park, noted for its beautiful scenery year-round. The interior of most structures are usually not open to the public, but a special sightseeing tour of the castle allows visitors special entry to the structures.
● Date: Oct. 23 (Sun.), 13:30 ~ 15:30
● Min. age: Primary school
● Admission: ES free, MS and older ¥300
● Fukuoka Rekishi Tanbo Guide Office Tel: 090-7484-6873
● Write the event name and all the participants’ full name with reading, phone number, zip# and address, age, school name and grade of ES&MS students on the return postcard and mail to the office (5-29-5 Hiigawa, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 〒814-0153) by Oct. 12.

Eco Cruising on the Chikugo River

TThe Chikugo River provides roughly one-third of the water used in the Fukuoka City metropolitan area. There will be a tour of the Chikugo River on traditional houseboat to coincide with the Chikugo-gawa Festival in Kurume to promote exchange in the river area. The tour will also include a trip to Chikugo Ozeki, a dam controlling the river waters. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about the environment while enjoying the festival.
● Date: Oct. 22 (Sat.), 8:30 ~ 16:30
● Admission: ¥1,000. Children in ES younger must be accompanied by a parent. Tel: 092-733-5004. Apply by e-mail fvgv9840@mb.infoweb.ne.jp, with event name, participants’ full names, phone number, zip# and address, age, school name and grade by Oct. 6. Participants selected by draw.


Ride the Subway and Win a Prize

The Hayakaken Touch Rally, an event using the Hayakaken contactless payment card for the Fukuoka City subway, will begin soon. Participants can take their cards to touch points (subway stations or facilities along the subway line) to participate in a lottery for free gifts. For details, log on to the Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau website at (subway.city.fukuoka.lg.jp), or check the flyers at all stations.
● Dates: Oct. 3 (Mon.) ~ Nov. 13 (Sun.)
● Anyone who has the card can participate at no charge
● Customer Service Center Tel: 092-743-7800, Fax: 092-734-7801


Yipee! For FREE!


Tour the Nippon-maru Luxury Liner



The 22,472-ton luxury liner will be open for tours to Fukuoka City residents. Access the Hakata Port Promotion Association website for details and application info. Tel: 092-271-1378, Fax: 092-282-4757, HP: www.port-of-hakata.or.jp/poh/events/


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