Fukuoka Gifts Fair 2003

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Cornucopia of Imported Gifts in Fukuoka

Think exotic jewelry, imported wine, striking interior decorations, and thousands of room accessories. You name it, wholesalers from all corners of the globe are coming this month to Fukuoka to show off their wares. Here is your chance to browse or shop for some of the most unique items in the world. It’s the fifth in a series of bi-annual exhibitions held in Fukuoka’s Marine Messe since 1995. The fair’s main goal is to create business opportunities between merchants in Western Japan and suppliers from all around the world. The event also contributes towards the internationalization of the city and provides a positive shot to the local economy. It’s a constantly evolving project, so read on to learn more about this yearユs event.

The doors open on Thursday, Sept. 11 and stay open until Sunday, Sept. 14. This year 80,000 people are expected to attend. The first two days are reserved for industry professionals (business representatives, retailers, wholesalers, etc.) On the weekend however, the doors are opened to the public, and that includes you! Don’t miss this chance to check out products from 46 countries and over 300 companies. A seemingly endless variety of merchandise will be on display. 2003 has been designated as the year of Turkey in Japan, so be sure to check out the elegant goods from Istanbul. As always, gifts and interior decorations from the villages of Thailand and Vietnam are expected to be popular. European and African goods will also be plentiful. Enjoy the thrill of discovering new items not normally available in Fukuoka. It’s truly an international event that every kokusai-jin (international person) in Fukuoka will want to check out. So mark your schedule and pick up a ticket soon, or drop your name in a hat for Fukuoka Now’s draw for free tickets as described on the next page.

Special Program
ASEAN Interior Lifestyle
Interested in transforming your 2LDK into something a little more exotic and more comfortable? The ASEAN Interior Lifestyle Special Program presents creative solutions for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to match many lifestyles. Tableware, lighting, and small furniture from Brunei, Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are well suited to Japanese living spaces and reasonably priced. ASEAN product design is renown for creativity and originality. This program is not only for industry professionals but also consumers looking for something to spice up their lifestyles.

Last but not least Food
A full day of browsing the long aisles will leave you hungry! On the second floor of the exhibitions hall, there will be an international food court featuring Mexican, Thai, India, Chinese, American, and Latin cuisine from some of Fukuoka’s most popular restaurants. Even if you don’t buy a single thing, the food alone is worth the trip.

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