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Sexy Scooters

As many long-term foreign residents will attest, scooters can be the quickest and cheapest way to buzz around town and even explore the countryside. The one major drawback is image. Somehow pulling up at work on a ‘Monkey’, a ‘Tact’ or even a ‘Vino’ just doesn’t convey how cool you really are – all people notice is your helmet-head hair. To the rescue is Malossi, a scooter shop near Oyafuko-dori that specializes in stylish Italian scooters for commuters and weekend racers, and carries models from 50cc up. Some of the imported brands – Italjet, Aprillia, Gilera and Piaggio – offer features not found on domestic models, like adjustable seat height and water-cooled engines, but don’t cost much more. The fashionable yet practical 50cc Piaggio Zip (190,000yen) is particularly popular with women, and can be custom painted to match your favorite pair of shoes or nail polish! For the testosterone-charged males out there we dare you to hop on the 125cc Italjet Dragster (495,000yen). You’ve been warned.

1-4-20 Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 13:00
Closed: Tueday & 3rd Sunday
Electric Scooter 49,800 yen (with Malossi original paint job 59,800 yen), Dragster 50cc (Italjet) 385,000 yen, Zip (Piaggio) 190,000 yen, Runner 125 (Gilera) 385,000 yen

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