Relaxing in Fukuoka – Asian Style

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Asian Month, Fukuoka’s long-awaited celebration of the many cultures of the Asian continent, is just getting underway. An opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of the whole of Asia through film, music, food, and more, the event is now in its 14th year and gaining momentum. For those living in Fukuoka, known as “the gateway to Asia” throughout Japan, our everyday lives are filled with chances to familiarize ourselves with the people and cultural presence of neighboring countries. In addition to a good variety of Asian restaurants and interior goods shops, the city boasts the world’s only large-scale museum dedicated to contemporary Asian art, the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. And let’s not forget all the smiling young Asians visiting through study abroad programs! For this issue we wanted to focus on a specific aspect of Asian culture in Fukuoka. But deciding exactly what we wanted to do only caused us stress. Alas, within the question was the answer. This month join our two European reporters as they discover the secrets of Asian massage, relaxation and healing as offered here in Fukuoka.

Originally from Poland, Anna, a student at Kyushu University, hits the clubs on weekends to relieve stress. But after dancing all-night, when her body feels the long-term energy drain, she needs to soothe her tired muscles.

Katharina arrived here from Germany three months ago. Studying Japanese is hard work, she says. And at the end of the day, her shoulders feel the tension most. She regularly enjoys Asian food and now she’s hooked on authentic Asian massage.

“It felt so good… I had no idea you could get such a wonderful massage in Fukuoka! Next time, I’m bringing friends!”

“It was interesting to learn about all the different types of massages. My mind’s refreshed, and I can now focus on exams!”

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