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“Nearly fifty years ago JB, then a middle school student, caught the 1955 American film “”The Blackboard Jungle”” starring Sidney Poitier. The film was about juvenile delinquents in America and featured the “”Billy Haley and the Comets”” hit song “”Rock Around the Clock”” which was widely thought to have introduced rock’n’roll to white America. It also sparked JB’s lifelong passion for American music. JB had many friends from the American bases around Fukuoka, in particular the Black musicians. He helped manage some bands, DJed at events, and slowy built up his record collection to now over 3,000 titles, mostly soul, some gospel, and rhythm and blues. Local and visiting musicians would regularly hang out at his home, including living legends like Herbie Hancock. Finally in 1996 JB opened a bar in Hakata-ku, but was forced to relocate three years later after a flood. The current JB’s is located near Yakuin Station. Literally dripping with James Brown and other Soul superstar memorabilia, a continuously spinning mirror ball and massive JBL monitors you’ll know you’ve arrived at Fukuoka’s Soul Central. Like his hero, James Brown – “”the hardest working man in show business”” – JB hasn’t taken a day off in seven years! You got soul? Check out JBs…

"2-3-35 Watanabedori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“JB’s Bar
2-3-35 Watanabedori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Charge: 700 yen (with snacks), Draft beer 600 yen, Cocktails 600 yen~, Bourbon whisky 700 yen~, food can be ordered in from his son’s restaurant on the second floor.”

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