Super Space Line Zone 1

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A Real Club (sandwich)

“Clubbing Japanese style usually means making the rounds to three or four joints, so next time you’re out on a night prowl consider making Super Space Line Zone 1 one of those stops. Owner “”Don-chan””, whose official title is Captain (as in Kirk?), set up this cool spaceship-like club in Kego, near the Yakuin 6-way intersection two years ago. Playing a wide variety of music from European club jazz and house, trance, rock, to Japanese. It’s earned a reputation as a cool off-the-beaten track alternative to the young Oyafuko scene. On Tue., Wed., Fri. and Saturdays there’s a DJ on board; otherwise it’s the Captain (a big British music fan) at the controls. Before midnight the volume is kept low so it?s just a relaxed, albeit dark, place to hang out. Later on, and depending on the crowd, the steel floor (illuminated from below) could be filled with people dancing, standing at the counter or seated on high stools. But what makes SSL truly unique is the deli corner. The Captain welcomes “”point & choose”” orders for salads, sandwiches or plates of olives, fresh fruit, cheeses and even sliced San Danielle prosciutto. For a more substantial fill, try either the Omurice (omlete rice), Anchovy Black Olive Pizza, or Eggplant Sausage Tomato Pasta. “

"#203 Kego 8 Bldg. 1-4-27, Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka "


“Open: 21:00~5:00
Prices: No charge, Draft Beer 500 yen, Pitcher 2,300 yen, Glass Wine 500 yen, Green Salad 500 yen, Anchovy Black Olive Pizza 900 yen”

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