Yoshii-machi, Ukiha-gun, Fukuoka Pref.

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Old Japan at the foot of the Mino Mountains

White-walled streets recall the essence of traditional Japan
Yoshii-machi sits at the base of the Minou Mountains, in southeastern Fukuoka Prefecture. During the Edo Period, the area linked Arima-han (present day Kurume City) to the administrative area of Hita, giving it an important role as a post-town. This history lives on in the architecture of the buildings that line the streets of Yoshii, especially its white-walled storehouses. Yoshii’s main historical area holds 70 old merchant-homes, and the narrow side streets that branch out from the taken from a painting of old Japan. To conserve these picturesque scenes for future generations, the area has been declared a historical site and preservation efforts are ongoing. Among the shops are a large number of stores dealing in antiques and handicrafts; just perfect for a leisurely stroll. The gourmet will know better than to pass up Yoshii’s classic dish: noodles: Yoshii noodles, made at four local noodle factories, are recognized as some of Kyushu’s very best, thanks to the clear waters and rich harvests with which the town is blessed. One brand of local somen received first prize on a national television food competition. So when in Yoshii, noodles are the essential lunch meal.

316 Oaza Niiharu, Yoshii-machi, Ukiha-gun

10-minute drive from the Oita Expressway Asakura IC. 15-minute walk from Chikugo-Yoshii Station on JR Kyudai Line

Yoshii-machi Event Information
Chikugo Yoshii Hina Doll Festival
~4/3 (Sun. )
The doll festival is held in the hope that local girls will grow up to become fine women. Classic dolls from the Edo period as well as more modern creations are put on display throughout the town. Some displays have over 600 dolls, creating a powerful atmosphere. On Sundays, rickshaws offer an extra experience from times gone by.

Check it out!
Chikugo Noodle-Making Village
Would you like to create your very own Yoshii noodles? Occupying part of a local factory, Chikugo Noodle-Making Village offers the unique opportunity to taste different kinds of noodles from udon to ramen and experience soba making 2,625 yen~ per person, and it takes about 60 minitutes.

Name: Chikugo Noodle-Making Village
Address: 191-1 Yoshii-machi, Ukiha-gun
Phone: 0943-75-2151
Access: 15-minute walk from JR Chikugo-Yoshii Station

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