English Conversation English Instructor

Apr 8, 2024 17:44 by visioned

Working hours:
Monday to Friday, 12:00-20:00
5 weeks paid holiday, including 2 weeks at Christmas/New Years, Golden week and Obon week.

180,000-275,000yen depending on desired schedule and experience.

Work location:
Vision Education English School, Nakatsu City. Oita Prefecture

Nearest Train Station: Nakatsu Station, Nakatsu City, Oita prefecture.

Start date:
April 15th, 2024

Job Description:
As an English Conversation School Instructor, you will be responsible for providing engaging and effective English language instruction to students of varying proficiency levels. You will create dynamic lesson plans, facilitate interactive classroom activities, and assess student progress to ensure learning objectives are met. Additionally, you will foster a supportive and encouraging learning environment that promotes confidence and fluency in spoken English.

Key Responsibilities:
Plan and deliver well-structured English conversation lessons tailored to meet the needs of individual students and class objectives.
Utilize a variety of teaching techniques and materials, including multimedia resources, games, and role-playing exercises, to enhance student engagement and comprehension.
Provide constructive feedback and guidance to students to help them improve their speaking and listening skills.
Assess student performance through regular evaluations, quizzes, and informal assessments to monitor progress and adjust teaching strategies accordingly.
Create a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable practicing and expressing themselves in English.
Collaborate with colleagues and school administrators to develop curriculum, share best practices, and support the overall educational mission of the institution.
Communicate effectively with students, parents, and staff regarding student progress, attendance, and any concerns that may arise.
Stay informed about current trends and developments in English language teaching methodology and incorporate innovative approaches into your lessons.

Skills Required:
Fluency in English: Native or near-native proficiency in spoken and written English is essential.
Teaching Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in English, Education, Linguistics, or a related field, along with TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification is preferred.
Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary for effectively
conveying concepts and providing feedback to students.
Interpersonal Skills: Ability to build rapport with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and create a supportive learning environment.
Creativity: Capacity to develop engaging and interactive lesson plans that cater to different learning styles and interests.
Adaptability: Willingness to adapt teaching methods and materials to meet the needs and preferences of individual students and class dynamics.
Organizational Skills: Strong organizational skills to manage lesson planning, student assessments, and administrative tasks efficiently.
Cultural Sensitivity: Awareness and respect for cultural differences in language learning and communication styles.
Patience and Empathy: Ability to patiently guide students through the learning process and empathize with their challenges and frustrations.
Tech Savvy: Comfortable using educational technology and online resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences.
By possessing these skills and fulfilling the outlined responsibilities, you will contribute to the success of the English Conversation School and help students achieve their language learning goals.

Please contact us for more details.

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