Looking for someone who can help me.

Feb 9, 2024 08:06 by peepalenglishschool

Hello, I run a small English school near Ohashi station in Minami-ku, Fukuoka City.

In late March or early April, I am planning to hold an event for junior high to high school students who are beginners in English (small group of about 5 people).
I would like to have a fun free talk over snacks, and I am looking for a native English speaker who can help me.

They are not my students, but they want the opportunity to speak with foreigners in order to practice their English.

The pay is 2,000 yen including transportation.
(The event is about an hour.)

If you are interested, please email me with your CV. (Teaching experience is not required but I would like to get to know you.)

I am looking for a friendly, fun, conversationalist :)Thank you!

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