Moving Sale, lots of IKEA stuff

Jul 31, 2019 10:07 by ddf

Hi, we’re leaving Japan by the end of the year and would like to start selling our stuff. Most items we bought new ourselves and have been taken care of very well. Pick-up area is KASHII !!
(We can help with transportation if needed for certain items).
P.M. us for additional information and photos.

IKEA stuff:

– Bookcase Billy –
We’ve got 5 bookcases for sale! Price; ¥2490 per piece or near offer. (additional discount if you take all 5!)
Width: 40 cm, Depth: 28 cm, Height: 202 cm
(Ikea link:

– Drawer unit Alex –
We’ve got 2 of these drawer units for sale! Price; ¥9990 per piece or near offer. (additional discount for both)
Width: 67 cm, Depth: 48 cm, Height: 66 cm
(Ikea link;

– Standing support/ Stool Nilserik –
We’ve got 2 for sale! Price: ¥2990 per piece or near offer.
Tested for: 110 kg, Seat diameter: 35 cm, Width: 41 cm, Min. seat height: 51 cm, Max. seat height: 71 cm
(Ikea link:

Other stuff:

– Panasonic Bistro fan operated oven/ microwave with steam function 28L-
Exterior dimensions: Width: 49cm, Depth: 47cm, Height: 38cm.
Interior dimensions: Width: 41cm, Depth: 31cm, Height: 22.5cm.
Price: ¥12.000 or near offer.

– Hurom slow juicer –
Price: ¥10.500 or near offer.

– Decorative sculpture –
This brightens up any interior. Especially with a houseplant next to it. Solid wood, has some weight to it.
Height: 170 cm !!
Price: ¥7500 or near offer

– Decorative vases –
Long and tall, wood.
Height: 110 cm, Width: 13 cm
Price: ¥1750 or near offer

Short and wide, metal.
Height: 60 cm, Width: 23 cm.
Price:¥1750 or near offer

– Blackboard –
Solid wood frame and backside.
Width: 60 cm, Depth: 1.6 cm, Height: 90 cm
Price: ¥3500 or near offer

– Flower pot indoor Large –
Width: 43 cm, Height: 43 cm
Price: ¥2500

Ikea rug high pile, green. 195 cm x 133cm
Price: ¥2500

Outdoor flower pots

– terracotta flower pots –
Large blue, Width: 37 cm, Height: 35 cm.
Price: ¥2500 or near offer.

Medium size dark brown/black. Width 28 cm, Height 26 cm.
Price: ¥1500 or near offer

Medium size terracotta colour. Width: 22 cm, Height: 26 cm.
Price: ¥1000 or near offer

Pro oil pan 8L (plastic with drain): ¥1500

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