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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡の熟成肉 Tボーンステーキと赤ワイン

Yearning for a good steak? Then look no further than Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, a New York icon now open in Fukuoka. Wolfgang’s uses only USDA Prime Black Angus beef, a certification attained by just 2~3% of all U.S. beef, and dry-ages its steaks in-house for 28 days to concentrate the flavor. The granddaddy of New York-style steaks is the Porterhouse, a premium cut with more tenderloin than a T-bone. The steaks are cooked rapidly in a special oven kept at a constant 900° C. This ensures they are crisp on the outside but rare in the middle.

 Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店 オーセンティックな店内

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka - USDA prime steak,ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店 プライムグレードのブラックアンガス牛 Tボーンステーキ

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka - USDA prime steak ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店 プライムグレードのブラックアンガス牛 Tボーンステーキ

The sizzling steak is a sight to behold, and absolutely delicious. To ensure you fully enjoy the robust flavor of the meat, the only seasoning used is salt. With a lengthy wine list, you’ll be sure to find a delicious red to pair with your meal. Founded by namesake Wolfgang Zweiner in New York in 2004, Wolfgang’s foray into Fukuoka in 2016 brings its tally of restaurants in Japan up to four.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店の定番は熟成肉のポーターハウス

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka - wine, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店 ワインセラー

When in season, rock oysters from Itoshima are on the menu. Grown in the low-salinity, plankton-rich waters of Itoshima are known for their plumpness, rich flavor, and sweetness. And because they are harvested nearby, freshness is guaranteed.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka seafood platter with Itoshima oysters, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店 シーフードプラッターに糸島カキ盛り合わせ

Despite the generous portions from starters to entrees, you still might have room for a dessert. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse offers authentic American desserts, from key lime pie to chocolate mousse.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka - hot fudge sundae, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店ではデザートもお忘れなく!ホットファッジサンデー

Special Promotion: Mention Fukuoka Now when making a reservation and receive a free glass of champagne per person!

Menu (tax incl., service fee 10% excl.) :
USDA Prime steak ¥22,000 for two, New York sirloin ¥11,000, seafood platter (assorted lobster, shrimp and crabmeat) ¥8,580 for two, fresh oysters on the half shell (6 pcs.) ¥3,300, tuna tartar ¥2,970, grilled steak salad (available only lunch) ¥5,060, glass champagne ¥2,400~, glass wine ¥2,300~, draft beer ¥1,100, hot fudge sundae ¥1,540, key lime pie ¥1,430
Grand Menu PDF
Lunch Menu PDF
Drink Menu PDF

Courses ¥13,200 or ¥17,600
Courses include: caesar salad with sizzling bacon, soup of the day, USDA Prime dry aged t-bone steak, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, today’s dessert, coffee or tea
* ¥17,600 course includes seafood platter (jumbo shrimp, crabmeat, lobster, oyster)

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka - bartender Mr. KP, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店バーテンダーのKP

Happy hour: 15:00~18:00
There’s special happy hour food menu that can be enjoyed with drinks. Fresh oysters (2 pcs.) ¥1,100, etc.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka - bar counter, ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店バーカウンター

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka in Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, ハイアット福岡にあるウルフギャング・ステーキハウス福岡店


Wolfgang's Steakhouse Fukuoka
Address : Grand Hyatt 1F, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:30~23:30 (Food 22:30 L.O. / Drink 23:00 L.O.)
Close : Never
Fukuoka City
Published: May 10, 2022 / Last Updated: May 17, 2022

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