Photo Booth! Thai-style Summer Poolside Party 2013

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612 guests – many clad in gorgeous yukata, cool aloha shirts and other summer fashion – packed out the sizzling venue of With the Style last Friday night (8/9) for Fukuoka Now’s Thai-style Poolside Summer Party.

The Fukuoka Now poolside booth encouraged guests to show their appreciation of Fukuoka, asking the question “Why do you like Fukuoka?”. Common answers included “great food” & “pretty girls”, but there were some surprising answers too! Click through the gallery to see some of the reasons the international community likes Fukuoka…

Want to see the rest of the party – the food, the entertainment, the venue? Check out the full gallery of Thai-style Summer Poolside Party photos HERE!
Sponsors: Thai Airways International, Shangri La Hotel Bangkok, Thai Trade Center Fukuoka, Kamei Corporation, Ikemitsu Enterprises Co., Ltd, Moët & Chandon.

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Please come to the next big international party by Fukuoka Now on Oct., 5 at JR Kyushu Hall – “Gaikokujin Star Tanjo”!



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